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Community Supported Agriclture

CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between a local farmer and supporting community members whereby everyone benefits.  Members pre-purchase a share of the farm's production before farming begins.  The membership entitles you to a weekly share of produce composed of what the farm is producing at that time.

Comback Farm - CSA


When you buy a share with Comback Farm you will be entitled to receive a weekly selection of seasonal produce for the 26 week season.   


Full Share = $600  

Half Share = $350 


There are many benefits to buying an annual share including:


1) Cost savings - the value of your weekly share will match our wholesale pricing.


2) Pick-your-own bonus days - some weeks you will be invited to pick up your share at the farm to enjoy a bonus harvest such as a qt of berries or a pound of apples. 


3) Members only access - to speical produce such as organic fruit and flowers.


What will I get?


You'll get a weekly box of organic produce from early June to just before Christmas. Selection will vary with the growing season. Below is an example share.


June 15


KALE  2 flavors




TURNIPS with and without greens








SCALLION  member exclusive  

Our Farming Practices

Our farm is Certified Organic.  Organic farming is a whole system (or holistic) way of producing food.


We work to maintain and improve the productivity of our land by encouraging and enhancing natural biological processes.


The word 'organic' is a legal term. In the US, all organic farmers, growers and processors must register with one of the organic certification bodies which certifies that they have met the strict requirements.

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